Pamela Tipsword: 

"I would highly recommend folks, who are seeking out chiropractic services, to get in contact with Dr. Casey. She is, not only, an amazing person, she is an awesome chiropractor. She attends to her patients needs with knowledge, experience, and skills. She does so by paying attention and listening to what they are saying about their needs, wants, or desires."

JoAnn DeFrank

Dr. Casey is an amazing Chiropractor. I have been seeing her since she was in clinic at Palmer. She has an amazing personality which helps make her amazing with her patients. She takes time to learn and get to the root of the problem. She would make sure that I didn’t have any more issues from one week to the next, and if I did, we would work on them.

Maegan Mitton

I have had the pleasure of watching Casey grow through out some of her time in school. Seeing her dedication and how caring she was showed me before she ever opened her doors how amazing she would be. At my first visit she walked me through everything. She was there to answer any questions I had on forms and made sure to go over them with me. She took detailed notes of my initial exam and then proceeded with a treatment plan. She even went through things I could do at home to help my progress. If you are looking for an amazing chiropractor, look no further she is right here!

Neri Soto

Dr. Casey is fantastic. I have gone to several Chiropractors in the past. Dr. Casey’s initial consultation was one of the most thorough I have ever experienced. I went in with back pain and I feel great!! Thanks Dr. Casey!!