Are you headaches and neck pain RELATED? How do you find out?

Who else out there hates headaches? As anyone who has lived with me knows, if I have a headache, just leave me alone! I am such a grump. It took me years to figure out what was causing my headaches (and the 2 migraines I have had!). Did you know that it is considered “normal” to have ONLY 2-3 headaches a YEAR?! For many of us, that would be amazing. However, while we wait for that perfect scenario, what can we do about our headaches now?

Part of understanding your headaches is to learn how MANY types of headaches there are: TOO MANY (according to the Cleveland Clinic, more than 150 types!!). So what can you do about it? Track more information about your headaches for YOUR knowledge AND your medical providers. WHEN do they occur? WHAT parts of your head/neck are affected? Can you note any TRIGGERS? What is happening with the weather, your DIET, your EXERCISE levels, your HORMONES? With sufficient knowledge of the presentation of your headaches, you and your provider can classify your headache type (or types) and begin proper treatment.

As a chiropractor, I look for CERVICOGENIC HEADACHES. These types of headaches are triggered by issues with the cervical spine and head structures (facet joints, nerves, muscles). If you have neck pain AND headaches, it is more likely that we will classify your headaches as cervicogenic and utilize chiropractic treatments!

Common presentations would be: neck pain that begins below your skull in the back and travels up along your head to your temple and eye regions. They are typically on one side of the head but CAN be bilateral.

A good history and examination will reveal if certain movements or palpations recreate the headache pain or related neck pain. If the exam reproduces the headache or neck pain, there is a HIGH LIKELIHOOD that adjustments and other manual chiropractic treatment will reduce the INTENSITY, DURATION, FREQUENCY, and DISABILITY from your headaches. These treatments are non-invasive, cost effective, and safe! Please do not wait any longer to explore the cause of your headaches and take charge of your health. If you are in the Debary/Orange City/Deland area and deal with headaches (or know someone who does), please reach out to me with questions or schedule an appointment today!

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