Car accidents and neck pain- What you should know!

How many people do you know that have been in car accidents? How many have neck or back pain right after? How many have pain that lasts for YEARS? This is common and unfortunate! With the proper care, pain should not be severe or long lasting following most car accidents.

Many people are sent straight to the emergency room after car accidents. If you have loss of consciousness, major back or neck pain, severe dizziness, suspicion of bleeds or fractures, then YES the emergency department is your answer! For many, however, the answer is to go home and then reach out to a Doctor and an attorney the next day!

Most car accident victims will be sent for imaging to increase the evidence for the case to get more money back. Many times, disc herniations, degeneration, and other findings will show up on x-rays and MRIs. What does this mean? That the car accident caused this? It is hard to tell! It will be good news for your case, but DO NOT worry too much about it! Keep positive that maybe you had this before and it did not hurt, and it is only temporary soreness!

In fact, look at this chart. A majority of the population WITHOUT PAIN will have findings on imaging. These findings are not causing problems for these people. So why do you have pain, and someone else doesn’t? There are many factors, one of which is the inflammatory condition of the tissues. After a car accident, there will likely be inflammation and pain that is HOPEFULLY short lived. Getting it evaluated will be important, but remember, the imaging and the accident may not be the full story!

I love treating pain that is directly post-MVA accident or years later. I love helping patients gain back their range of motion in their neck, decrease their pain and increase their daily functioning. Remember these ideas when and it happens to you, then give me a call! If you have lasting pain from a car accident, do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment today!

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