"Do older individuals need chiropractic care?"

I often get questions of “why would I see a chiropractor?” I love this question! While I am not a believer that chiropractic is necessary for everyone on the planet, I do think every person should consider what benefits chiropractic can do for them individually. Chiropractic can be useful in healing from current injury, increasing movement potential, and preventing future pains and movement struggles. For this reason, I encourage many people to at least TRY chiropractic care and see what it can do for them. They can then determine if there is a long-term chiropractic care future for them.


Now this month I will focus on specific populations each week. This week: the elderly. Elderly individuals are definitely a large part of my practice, usually due to aches and pains. However, I also see elderly patients who wish to be more active or at least MAINTAIN their activity levels as they live their lives. In my office specifically, these patients receive slightly different care than other individuals for several reasons and usually receive amazing results due to their customized care.

The 2 main treatments given to elderly patients in my office are: flexion-distraction and exercise. So what do these treatments do for this population? Well, as we age, our spines grow more bone to protect our spine as age-related changes occur. This is a normal and even protective process. However, it decreases the space available for our spine and our nerves and the result CAN BE aches, pains, “sciatica”, decreased movement, and more. Flexion-distraction is a treatment that uses a table to increase the space in the spinal canal and introduce gentle movement to the spinal joints (pictured here). I use this consistently and see good results as pain decreases and patients feel they have more movement in their lower body as they live their daily lives.

Now, more importantly, exercise is implemented in my office, but in a non-threatening way. I usually start with sit-to-stand exercises or breathing training that helps patients relax and feel confident in using their bodies in day-to-day activities. However, I take time to cater to what each patient needs and wants to do in their daily lives and help to prepare their body for those activities with specific exercise advice and practice. This helps to prevent future falls, breaks, accidents, as well as increase morale as patients continue to do what they love day to day.

If you are in the Orange City/Debary/Deland/Deltona area and know someone who could use movement confidence in their daily lives, have them call the office! Or, if you yourself are avoiding activities, call me and see if I can help you feel more confident (386-259-9018)!

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