"I can’t feel my hands!"

What do you think of when you hear the words “carpal tunnel?” Did you picture numb hands? An elderly lady? Someone who works on a computer all day? Most of us have heard of carpal tunnel from one source or another. But how much do you actually know about it?

Symptoms: The common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are numbness, tingling, or pain in the hands (typically in the thumb, pointer, middle fingers and thenar pad). Why does it present this way? One of the major nerves of the hand, the median nerve, is compressed (“squeezed”) as it passes through your wrist and into your hand. The compressions occurs when the tissues around the nerve or the nerve itself are inflamed. This decreases the space for the nerve to travel through the wrist and results in sensory changes in the hands. You may also lose grip strength since the nerve serves several muscles in the hand.

Why should you care? Carpal tunnel is one of those conditions that forms OVER TIME. It is THE MOST COMMON single nerve affected in the human body. It is also a MAJOR player in upper limb disorders and disabilities in the general population. Risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome include: obesity, repetitive wrist motions, pregnancy, genetics, and rheumatoid inflammation. It is common in ages 40-60 though can occur in younger or older individuals, and frequently does!

The more you can do TODAY to prevent this condition is a benefit to your long-term health! At Impulse Chiropractic and rehab, part of maintenance care is evaluating hand, wrist, elbow and neck function to ensure the median nerve is leaving the neck, travelling down the arm, and into the hand through the best functioning joints possible! Treatment aimed at relieving active carpal tunnel include: manual muscle massage, wrist and hand mobilizations, and wrist/hand exercises. The elbow and neck contributions will also be evaluated to ensure treatment is effective and well rounded!

Please call today with questions or to schedule your appointment (386-259-9018)!

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