Living and eating to THRIVE not survive

Who loves those 90-year-old couples who are taking a walk around the park after a lunch out on the town? I do!! I love seeing the energy and passion they have at a later stage in life. I hope to be energetic and active as I age. So how does that happen? IT BEGINS NOW. Your last set of goals for the month is living a FULL life using diet and daily habits to reach that end goal.

Setting and following through with these goals are the hardest because there is no easy gratification. You are preparing for later years of your life but must make changes now and wait to see the results. I will say, however, that they are arguably the MOST IMPORTANT THEN. Thinking about setting goals for the long term prevention of disease is not always the most fun topic, but it will be the most rewarding for yourself and those around you.



So what are the categories? If you know you want to age well and walk around the park when you are 90, then KNOW that is your goal. Know that your organs will have to function well, your muscles will have to stay strong, and your energy levels will have to stay high. These are all affected by what you eat and how you exercise over time. An easy goal to set is eating vegetables twice a day for 6 days a week. This does not dictate the other foods you eat with them, but at least it is a start!

Consistent exercise is also extremely important. If you feel you are not active enough, start by adding one small activity that you enjoy. Explore and see if you like walking, yoga, crossfit, or something else entirely. The consistency of exercising and proper eating will help keep your entire body prepared to fight disease and thrive into the future.

Start thinking today about how you want to thrive and not just survive. Today is the day to set those goals and work toward them!

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