Sustainable Health Goals- Let's Get it!

Updated: Jan 18

Happy Friday to everyone! It is the first Friday of 2022 and that means it is the first evaluation of how your 2022 goals are going! This year I really felt like I have no new goals to lay out, only a path to follow that began a few months ago with the opening of the business. HOWEVER, I sat down and re-wrote them out anyway!! If you have set health goals, I want to hear about them. It will not be to critique them, admonish them, or talk them down. I am hear to make sure you are able to ATTAIN your goals with a POSITIVE mindset and ENTHUSIASM.

I love helping people set and attain their health goals. THIS is essential at the beginning of the new year. Are your body tissues ready for that workout program? Is your sleep routine suitable for your daily routine? Are your nutritional goals paced and easy to follow? I'd love to talk to you about these health goals and get you set on a happy and healthy track for 2022. Looking forward to a great year with all of you!

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