To move or not to move? That is the question.

How many people think that bed rest is the best solution for back pain? I hope NOBODY said yes. 99% of the time, bed rest is the WRONG answer and that has been shown again,again, and again. But if movement is the answer, what does that mean? It depends on each individual case, though there are certain areas of the body that absolutely need to move for the low back to function at its best.

What areas in particular? The joints immediately around the low back are important to keep the low back joints from overworking. 2 joint systems are right there: the thoracic spine and the hip. The thoracic spine is the mid and upper back area. It is tight and restricted in many people, usually because they are unsure of how to target this area for mobility. Well, videos will be coming this week for mobility of the thoracic spine! The hip is the joint where your thigh comes into your pelvis. This joint also needs to move properly and requires proper glute activation. Videos will also be coming for hip mobilization this week and glute activation next week!

The feet and ankles are a little farther away from the low back, but are still important. We wear shoes for most of the day which keep our feet rigid and stuck. Take those shoes off and move those feet around! This will take some of the stress of movement away from knee, hip, and low back. Guess what? Yes, ankle mobilization videos will be coming as well!

For pain that lasts months, any exercise or activity program may help. However, adding thoracic mobility, hip mobility, and ankle mobility could change the game. Whether you have low back pain, hope to prevent low back pain, or just want to feel better, look for the videos and give them a try! I’d love to hear how you feel after trying them for a week!

Thunder is wagging his tail because he KNOWS you all are excited for the upcoming videos as much as he is!

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