What We Offer

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All of our services begin with a detailed history and examination to determine what the best treatment options will be.


The Chiropractic Adjustment

The infamous chiropractic adjustment is not always the answer,  but is useful in many conditions when applied appropriately . The adjustment is high velocity but low depth thrust into a restricted segment in the spine or an extremity. The adjustment is also a neurological reset that increases the brain's awareness of the adjusted area and decreases pain sensation. The adjustment is safe and effective. Come in and ask for more details!



Rehabilitation is a necesssary component in most patient treatment. In this office, rehabilitation is to help make you BULLET PROOF and resist future injury. The strength, control, and body awareness you gain from rehabilitation will help you reach and maintain your health goals for extended periods of time.

*The McKenzie method is commonly utilized for patients and is one of the most highly researched and effective methods in the chiropractic community.

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Soft Tissue Mobilization


In many conditions, muscles may be a target of treatment. If this is the case, there are many possible options to address the muscles. Some of those options are electrical stimulation, manual muscle massage, graston, or active release.

Sports physicals are offered for all those of school age. Walk ins and appointments are available.

DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON. Walk ins and appointments will be available.

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